1000 Most Common English Phrases

1000 Most Common English Phrases:

  1. Certainly! (I am sure; Surely; Sure; Of course; Undoubtedly; Absolutely; No doubt) —Uncertainly!
  2. Good afternoon! (Good morning! Good day! Good evening! Hello! Hi! How do you do? How are you? How are things?  How’s things? How’s going? How’s it going? How are you getting on? How have you been? What have you been (getting) up to? I hope everything is okay? Alright? How have you been keeping?  Nice to meet you.)
  3. Good luck! (I wish you good luck!)   —  He has good luck in his affairs.  May good luck attend you! It is a stroke of good luck! That is a slice of good luck!
  4. Great! Cool! Amazing!
  5. Happy Birthday (to you)! Happy New Year! Happy Christmas! — Happy event. Happy hour. Happy place. Health, wealth and happiness.
  6. Have a good trip! Have a good time! Have a real opportunity!
  7. Please call me. I’ll call you back. Call me on my phone number. Call me on my office number. Please call me Alex.
  8. Are you busy?  The phone line is busy. Busy shops and streets. They are busy professionals. I am too busy. Aren’t you the busy bee! I’m busy until 2:30. Busy travellers.
  9. Can we have some more bread please? Can we have some more chicken please? Can we have some more juice?
  10. Do you have any money? Do you have a credit card? Do you have cash? The staff were paid in cash. She was always short of cash. Cash price. Can you pay the bill by cash?
  11. For how many nights? How many times? How many days? How many of them?
  12. How long will you be staying? How long does it take? How long have you been here? How long have you been single?
  13. I heed a doctor. I need your help. I need your love.  I need a reservation. I need a room today. I need a rest. I need a break.
  14. I’d like a map of the city. I’d like a GPS navigator. I’d like a large cheeseburger please. I’d like a glass of water. I’d like a cup of coffee. I’d like a none-smoking room. I’d like a room with two beds please.
  15. Is there a night club in town? Is there a hospital? Is there a pharmacy? Is there a movie theater?
  16.  **** 1-41





  1. Why don’t you stop now? I recon you should stop now!  How about stoppng now? If I were you, I’d stop now. I suggest you stop now. You’d really better stop right now! I would strongly advise you to stop.  My advise would be to stop now. It might be a good idea to stop. You might try stopping.
  2. Do you think it’s alright to do? What do you think about me doing that? Do you think I ough to do it? What would you say if I did it?


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