Chinese language: key expressions

Chinese language: key expressions

ZhEe ge = This

NAa ge = That

ZhEe ge kafei = This coffee

NAa ge kafei = That coffee

WOoO yAao = I want

WOoO buU yAao = I don’t want

WOoO yAao ZhEe ge = I want this

WOoO yAao NAa ge = I want that

WOoO buU yAao ZhEe ge = I don’t want this

WOoO buU yAao NAa ge = = I don’t want that

ShuIiI = Water

WOoO yAao shuIiI = I want water

WOoO yAao bing shuIiI = I want cold water

WOoO yAao kafei = I want coffee

ChaA = Tea

WOoO yAao ChaA = I want tea

WOoO yAao kafei = I want coffee

MAaAidan = The bill

WOoO yAao MAaAidan = I want the bill

XIie xie = Thank you

WOoO yAao  qUu zhEeli = I want to go here

QUu = to go

ZhEeli = here

NAali = there

JIiIudiAan = Hotel

ZhEe ge JIiIudiAan = This hotel

WOoO yAao  qUu ZhEe ge JIiIudiAan = I want to go to this hotel

FAandiAan = Restaurant

NAa ge fAandiAan = that restaurant

WOoO buU yAao qUu nAa ge fAandiAan = I don’t want to go to that restaurant

FAan = meal

DiAan = shop

JiUuU = Alcohol































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