Comfortable working

Comfortable working

Remote working from home is more comfortable, relaxing and effective than office work.

Do you agree or disagree? What do you think about this statement?

Remote working. Working in an office. Office work. Office worker.

Remote working is comfortable for me.

Is remote working comfortable or uncomfortable for me?

Remote working is more comfortable for me than working in an office.

Working in an office is uncomfortable for me.

I have flexible working hours.

Communication is so important for any person.

Is communication important for you?

Do office workers have to commute every day?

Yes, they have to commute every day.

Does this job bring me personal satisfaction?

My job brings me everyday personal satisfaction.

His job doesn’t bring him personal satisfaction.

Does it depend on him or his daily work activity? It totally depends on him.

But it partially depends on his work.

Do you overwork? Does he overwork?

Do you have complete rest every evening?

Do you have 8-hours night sleeping?

Have you been exhausted last few days?

How much time have you spent to get to work?

Do you have fixed working hours whilst working in an office?

Remote workers don’t communicate a lot in contrast to office workers.

Office workers can communicate a lot in contrast to remote workers.

Many people can’t work at home because of their jobs,

for example: cooks, firemen, policemen, doctors, shop assistants.

Every person can choose what is better: to work from home or in an office.


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