Learn English Vocabulary: 2000 idioms and Phrasal verbs in English speaking with Example

Learn English Vocabulary: 2000 idioms and Phrasal verbs in English speaking with Example

Come out of = leave a place

  • The bear came out of the cave

On purpose = intentionally

  • I didn’t do it on purpose, it just happened so.

At least = not less than

  • You need to stay in bed for at least three days.

By heart = by memorizing

  • Learn this poem by heart for tomorrow.

Tell apart = to see the difference

  • Can you tell the twins apart?

Show up = arrive at a place; turn up.

  • She showed up three hours late?

All ears = eager to listen.

  • I am all ears.

As far as I know = if I have correct information

  • As far as I know, he stayed home all day.

Grow up = become an adult; mature.

  • I grew up in China and then moved to America.

Let someone know = inform someone.

  • Let me know if you need anything else.

Right away = immediately.

  • It’s very important to do it right away.

What for = why

  • I have to go back to the office.-What for?

For good = forever

  • After her death he left town for good.

Call off = to cancel something

  • The open-air concert was called off because of rain.

Pass away = die

  • My grandmother passed away last year.

Stand up = to rise

  • He stood up to shake her hand.

As well = also; too

  • He knows math and physics as well.

On the weekend = on Saturdays and Sundays

  • I take my son to the park on the weekend.

Go on = to continue

  • Please go on reading.

Die out = to cease to exist

  • Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago.

Fall asleep = go to sleep

  • Don’t fall asleep when you’re driving!

Come back = to return

  • We were away on vacation. We came back yesterday.

For example = for instance; as an example; say

  • We are different. I am older, for example.

Word for word = in the same words

  • Tell me word for word what he said.

All the same = no difference

  • If it’s all the same to you, let’s start at two.

Can’t afford = be unable to pay for; don’t have enough money

  • I’d love to buy that house, but I can’t afford it.

Bring up = raise children

  • They brought up their children in Italy.

Put down = set something on a surface

  • When he finished letter, he put down his pencil.

Take place = happen

  • The accident took place on Oak Street.

Find out = to discover

  • I found out that he lied to me.

Slow down = to reduce the speed of something

  • The car slowed down before the turn.

Look for = try to find; search for; seek

  • What are you looking for?

Pass out = to lose consciousness

  • She passed out. Call the ambulance!

All thumbs = clumsy

  • He can’t fix anything, he’s all thumbs.

Come down = to fall

  • The tree came down with a loud crash.

Catch a cold = get a cold; come down with a cold

  • He caught a cold last weekend.

Keep out = not to enter

  • Private property! Keep out!

It’s time = should do it right away

  • Hurry up! It’s time to go!

Have no idea = don’t know; don’t have a clue

  • She has no idea when the meeting is.

Cut off = remove; cut away

  • The boy cut off his sister’s hair.

So far = up to now

  • So far, I have read three book by Stephen King.

Far from = be a long way from a place

  • The house is far from the city.

Just my luck! = Bad luck! Hard luck!

  • They lost my job application. Just my luck!

Hurry up = do something quickly

  • Hurry up! Or we will be late.

Burn with = to want something very much

  • He’s burning with the desire to get rich.

Write back = reply by letter; answer; acknowledge

  • I have to write back to my friend.

All of a sudden = suddenly

  • All of a sudden it became cloudy and began to rain.

Black out = to faint; to lose consciousness

  • She blacked out, fell down, and hurt her knee.

Give back = to return something

  • He gave back the money that he owed.

Goodness knows = nobody knows

  • Goodness knows what will happen next.

Become of = to happen to someone

  • What will become of him?

Bump into = to meet someone by chance

  • I bumped into an old friend today

Not at all = not in any way

  • Do you mind? Not, not at all.

Go away = to leave

  • Don’t go away, please wait here.

Go together = to match

  • This scarf and this dress don’t go together.

Wake up = to awake

  • He wakes up at seven o’clock.

At last = finally; in the end;

  • At last the Sun came up over the horizon.

Work for = to get a certain pay for work

  • He agreed to work for 5,000$ a month.

In time = before the limit of some time

  • He ran, but he didn’t arrive in time to catch the train.

Come into = to enter (some place, position, state)

  • Mary came into the room.

Take back = to take, return, accept

  • He took back his words and apologized.

Point at (to)someone or something = to direct (a finger, gun , attention) to someone (something); hint at something

  • Don’t point a finger at people!

As usual = in the normal way

  • As usual, he was talking about himself.

At this point = at this time

  • At this point, we can’t turn back.

No way = I don’t believe it

  • You are forty years old? No way! You look so young!

clear up = to clean; to tidy up

  • We need to clear up the living room.

at all = (not) in the smallest degree

  • He doesn’t know English at all.

by the way = incidentally; in addition

  • By the way, her father is a doctor.

burst with = to be extremely full of something

  • The room was bursting with people.

turn into = turn into someone (something); to change into someone (something)

  • He has turned into a monster.

come to = to reach (some place, result, position, state)

  • She came to Madrid yesterday.

what’s up? = How are you?

  • Jim how is it going? — What’s up, Bob?

take someone’s breath away = surprise or impress someone

  • That great view took my breath away.

zoom by = to speed by with a loud buzzing sound

  • The cars zoomed by in an endless rapid flow.

clean out = to empty and clean (closet, drawer)

  • You promised to clean out the closet.

look to A for B = turn and ask A to give B

  • She usually looks to her parents for support.

go to pieces = get very upset; fall apart

  • She went to pieces when she heard it.
  • She’s got very upset when she heard it.
  • She’s fallen apart when she heard it.

break into = begin some action suddenly

  • He broke into laughter. She broke into a run.
  • He suddenly began to laugh. She suddenly began to run away.

so far, so good = everything is fine up to this time

  • How is your project going? So far, so good.

at odds with = in disagreement with

  • She is at odds with everyone.
  • Does she agree or disagree with you? She doesn’t agree with me. Moreover, she is at odds with everyone!

twist someone’s arm = force someone to agree

  • They twisted his arm to sell the house.
  • How did they force him to sell his house? Did they beat him? Did they threatened him? Why did they force him to sell the house?

out of breath = breathless;hard to breathe

  • After running so long he was out of breath.
  • Was he out of breath after running?
  • Why was he out of breath after running?
  • How long was he running to be out of breath? He was running not so long to be out of breath, I think it took a couple of minutes.

graduate from school = to finish school

  • He graduated from college in 1997.
  • When did he graduate from college? HE graduated from college in 1997.
  • When did he finish college? He finished college in 1997

zoom in = to magnify an image

  • You can zoom in this picture.

in silence = silently; not speaking; without a sound

  • They walked down the road in silence.
  • How did they walk down the road? Did they argue? No, they walked down the road in silence. They spoke absolutely nothing.

in silence = silently; not speaking; without a sound

  • They walked down the road in silence.
  • How did they walk down the road? Did they argue? No, they walked down the road in silence. They spoke absolutely nothing.


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