Lesson 6 = HAPPY

Lesson 6 = HAPPY

Nobody heard him; the dead man

But still he lay moaning

I was much further out than you thought

and not waving but drowning.



Hi everybody, this is Misterduncan in England.

How are you today?

Are you OK? I hope so!

Are you happy? I hope so!

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at the two sides or faces of how we can feel emotionally and the way these feelings

affect both ourselves and the people around us.

In today’s lesson we will look at…being happy and feeling sad.

We all have feelings. They are the individual parts of our character that show the way we feel,

depending on the situations around us.

When we say feelings, we are actually describing one feeling at a time.

Although sometimes, for example, due to illness, a person may experience many feelings at once.

The way you feel relates to your…EMOTIONAL STATE, MOOD, FRAME OF MIND,


GOOD or BAD can be added to all of these words, to show a positive mood

and a negative one.

Our feelings and mooda are all related to the way we think in our minds.

The study of this subject is called …Psychology.

This also covers the way we behave generally.

Our minds control everything we do.

Besides actions, your mood can also affect your health.

If you were to feel unhappy over a long period of time then you may need to see a doctor.

You could be suffering from … DEPRESSION…












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