Lesson103: SUMMER

Lesson103: SUMMER

It looks like baked beans again…

Lesson seventy seven with MisterDuncan.

Good news everyone, the snow has gone,

winter and spring have said  ‘bye-bye’,

and now summer has decided to drop-on by.

Now that the weather has improved, I’m able to come into my garden

to do a little maintenance.

It is important to take care of yout garden and regularly tend to it

or else it will become overgrown and look a mess.

So today I’m going to have a little prune.

No! Not that kind of prune.

This particular prune is a verb and means…»to cut».

Normally used in gardening terms.

Pruning is an important part of garden maintenance.

It prevents the bushes and trees from becoming too wild and large.

It also keeps them looking all lovely and nice.

Today I’m going to use a pair of Secateurs to prune this particular bush.

The word ‘secateurs’ comes from the Latin word for cut.

In American English these are known as hand pruners.

So now I will start pruning back this bush.

This action will ensure that the bush does not get too large.

There are many bushes in my garden, so I will have plenty of work to do

over the next few days.

Pruning back the bushes, tidying the shrub, clipping off the branches,

cutting through the wood, sawing through the bark, hacking at the bough,

trimming that old tree. I’m getting tired now. All this work is tiring.

It’s almost too much for me. I have to rest my aching limbs.

I need a cup of tea.

These secateurs are great for cutting small branches and twigs.

But for large ones,  you need something more substantial and stronger.

So these are what you use. They are called Loppers.

With these you can easily cut very thick branches and the long handles mean

you can reach high up. So you don’t have to stretch so much.

Like so.

Let’s take a short brake from our pruning and go for a little walk.

Is that okay?

This particular type of gate is called a ‘kissing gate’ because the gate touches the both sides.

It kisses. Also when you are in here, if you have your lover with you…

you can have a nice romantic kiss together.

If you are a fan of garlic, then you are going to love this place.

This particular type of garlic plant is known as the ‘Broad Leaved Garlic’ or ‘Wood Garlic’.

It is related to the chive and has the Latin name ‘Allium ursinum’ which is a

reference to brown bears, who apparently have a keen taste for it.

Wild garlic is also eaten by humans.

The leaves taste great in soup and can be used to garnish salads.

The scent of this plant is very strong.

And there can be no mistaking when you are near an area where they are growing.

Here you can see thousands of wild garlic plants.

Later they will come into bloom with brilliant white flowers.

Their leaves are similar to those found on ‘lily of the valley’.

The difference being that you cannot eat those leaves.

Lily of the valley leaves are highly poisonous and eating them could prove fatal.

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