English Vocabulary: Find the Mistake

+*4.25  English Vocabulary: Find the Mistake

*4.25 Hello. My name is Rebecca and in this lesson I’m going to explain to you about something called ‘learning styles’. This lesson is good not only for English learners for whom I usually make lessons, but also for anyone in general who is trying to learn more effectively. Now, the thing to remember is that not everybody learns in the same way. I have a particular way of learning,

you have a way of learning, so does your brother, your friend, your cousin. Okay? So, what’s important when you are trying to learn is to discover: What is your learning style? And that’s what this lesson will show you. All right? Let’s go to the board. There are three main learning styles. About 60% of the population are visual learners, about 30% of the population are auditory learners, and about 10% are kinesthetic learners. Okay? And as I read through the characteristics, you’ll probably be able to identify who you are and what kind of way you learn best because you will recognize what you enjoy doing, and what you enjoy doing tells you what kind of learner you are and what kind of a learning style you have.

So, the visual learners, of course, enjoys learning by seeing;  auditory — by hearing; and the kinesthetic by actually doing something. I’ll explain what that means.

So, visual learner will enjoy reading information from books, and the internet, and so on; auditory will enjoy talking and hearing lectures; and the kinesthetic person will enjoy participating in experiences. All right? Visual learner will also enjoy diagrams, pictures, maps. You enjoy writing things down on pen and paper in oeder to really understand them and remember them. Okay? Or into the computer, bu you need to see it written down somewhere. You don’t  feel like you’ve actually understood until you’ve written it down. That’s how I actually learn. And also enjoy reading the news. All right? An auditory person, as I sad, enjoys lectures, music, they enjoy hearing instructions, receiving verbal instructions.

This person will need to read instructions before doing something or going somewhere, and this person will prefer to be told the instructions. Okay? They also enjoy participating in discussions, debates. They usually memorize well, and they also have been told… Maybe you’ve been told you have an ear for languages. If you have an ear for languages that means you are probably an auditory learner. And you are probably enjoy listening to the news versus reading the news. All right? The kinesthetic learner is in the minority, and usually has a harder time at school,college, university, because in those educational establishments you have to sit down, right?..When you’re learning, supposedly. They don’t give you a lot of space to move around, so, that person is a little bit more challenged . The may have had a hard time going through school because of that. And so, let’s look at what that person actually enjoys doing or how they enjoy learning. You enjoy participating in experiences , going on field trips, building a model of something in order to understand the concept, not just reading about it, and also moving. Okay? Doing things with the information. So, next I’ll give you various strategies you can use if you are a visual learner, or an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic learner.

So, here are some ideas about how to learn effectively based on your learning style. Okay? So, if you’re visual, make sure you write down the information. You want to make sure you copy things from the board. Because you’re visual you need the eye contact with the teacher or the professor, so try you best to sit in the front so that you have less visual distractions.

Make sure you take notes while the lecture is going on. Use highliters while you’re taking notes or later while you’re studying.







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