Volvo Articulated Hauler (dump trucks) F-Series A25F, A30F, A35F, A40F walk-around video

Volvo Articulated Hauler (dump trucks) F-Series A25F, A30F, A35F, A40F walk-around video

The world’s best articulated hauler just got even better!

VOLVO proudly presents pure productivity at it’s best — the new f-series hauler range.

These machines will do the work for you, no matter the challenge ensuring maximum productivity in the toughest applications and most demanding environments.

VOLVO’s new f-series machines are developed to boost your business, offering with even better comfort, ease of operation, fuel efficiency and profitability. For best off-road performance and durability VOLVO f-series haulers are equipped with 100% lockable differential locks of a dog clutch design and a maintenance free-bogie suspension.

Now the complete range has automatic traction control ATC, as a standard feature. The ATC system automatically engages and disengages the optimal drive combinations on the run. According to the conditions, offering the operator a superior ease of use. This feature gives better traction, more off-road mobility, higher productivity, smooth operation, lower fuel consumption, and less tire wear.

Refine well matched VOLVO drivetrain specially developed for articulated hauler heavy duty applications delivers high ?rental? at all speeds, ensuring efficiency with small power losses, which reduce fuel consumption dramatically improven the cost per ton ratio.

Each component of the Volvo drivetrain is designed and built to work in perfect harmony, resulting in optimum performance and smooth operation.

A vital part of the f-series drivetrain is the new innovative Volvo engines with long service life, which not only meets the new emission standards, but also provides more power and torque for less fuel. Regeneration of the exhaust particle filter is done during the operation to maximize productivity.

Volvo’s unique self compensating hydro-mechanical steering system makes it possible to handle the hauler with full precision in every working situation with ease. The steering is quick and stable at high speeds and powerful in rough off-road conditions.

All this allows the operator to keep a high pace throughout the entire work cycle with outstanding control, promoting productivity and safety.

Volvo’s powerful and easy to control dumping system performs in any application, allowing dumping the load in exactly the right position, making the whole work cycling more efficient.

On f-series articulated haulers the operator can adjust the maximum tipping angle which gives perfect control over dumping.

The load and dump break shifts the transmission to neutral, that applies the service breaks with a simple push of a button.

The unique user-friendly load and dump-break function makes work easier by reducing operator fatique, maximizing ergonomics, thereby boosting safety and productivity.

A world-class machine has to have a world-class operator’s environment. Therefor the «A25F» and a ’30F» VOLVO articulated haulers feature a gas hydraulic front axle suspension as standard.

The spacious Volvo care cab is built to further improve the operator’s comfort and safety.

Electronic climate control and electrically adjustable rear view mirrors are included in a new cab together with better visibility both forward and rear. Thanks to the new all glass wide door the operator now has a perfect view of the front bogie wheel.

The controlling system with it’s user-friendly interface continuously provides valuable information of all vital machine functions and systems.

In this ergonomic and comfortable environment the operator is able to achieve maximum performance, giving the best working results throughout the whole shift every day.

The full-suspension version of the f-series haulers can be operated on uneven roads at full speed, both loaded and empty, with maximum comfort.

Volvo articulated haulers are well-known as machines requiring less maintenance.

For new f-series generation the serviceability has been further improved. One example is the oscillation joint with maintenance-free roller bearings, which don’t require any greasing.

Contributing to even better availability the 90 degree tilt up hood, and patented swing down front grille with integrated steps provide easy access to the whole engine compartment.

And the front mounted oil filters enhancing serviceability. Volvo’s care truck communicates with the machine and provides detailed information, such as uptime, productivity and service on a protected website.

With the f-series generation Volvo strengthens it’s position as the articulated haulers worlwide industry leader. By choosing an articulated hauler from Volvo you get more than a machine, you’ll get a reliable partner. All those articulated haulers give you an advantage no other hauler can give you.

Pure productivity and best profit per transported ton.





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