The Sunset Limited- The Greatest Book Ever Written

The Sunset Limited- The Greatest Book Ever Written

-All right. You’ve read this book?

-I’ve read parts of it… I’ve been in it.

-Have you evere read it?

-To read the book is job…

-Have you ever read it?


-But you’ve read a lot of books.


-How many … you say?

-I have no idea.

-All part.

-Two week… mmaybe a hundred a year … for close to forty years. Forty times a hundred is 4000.

-I’m just messing with you, professor. Doing what — give me any number you like and I’ll get 40 turnes it back.







-The answer is the question…

-So what?

-That’s your number…

-4720 — that’s a big number, professor.

-Yes, it is.

-You know.

— You know the answer?

-No. I don’t.

-Hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred.

-Let me see that.

-How do you do that?

-Numbers at the black’s man friend. Buttoned eggs, scrapped table. You quick with numbers — you work to mojo on your brother, confiscating the context of his pocketbook… get a lot of time to practice that shit in the jailhouse.

-I see.

-Let’s get back to you and all that books you’ve read. You say you’ve read 4,000 books?

-Probably, maybe more than that.

-But not this book?


-Why is that?

-I don’t know.

-What would you say that the best book ever wrote?

-I have no idea.

-No? Take a shot.

-A lot of good books…

-Pick one.

-Maybe «War and peace’.

-All right. Do you think that book’s good as this one?

-I don’t know, they’re different kinds of books. //** 1-56




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